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Starting the Swift Changeover

Stuart Sutton-Young

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Hi Guys


As an FS9 user I am being "forced" to give up my beloved FSInn and install Swift. I presently have the IVAO MTL library installed and was wondering if Swift would recognise this model set.

I really don't want to download the WoAI models, most of which do not cover past mergers such as USAir/American, etc.





vFlt Lt Stuart Sutton-Young AFC

101 Sqn vRAF.org

Mens agitat molem - 'Mind over matter'

RAF Brize Norton



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Hi Stuart,


I do not have the IVAO MTL, so cannot give you any definitive answer. You may want to watch my video tutorials to get you setup with swift and its mapping tool and why not pop in to our Discord server? We have a dedicated channel for FS9 pilots and there are quite a few who have gained some experience with it by now.


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I will see if I can figure out something on this as I also have the model set too.


Regarding being forced.. Fsinn has not been updated for years and now we the amazing new voice I would really say this is a great change. I was using fsinn for at least 10 years now but now I have started using swift I am really happy that fs9 has modern software support. All change is hard but I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ure you this change is worth it for once

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