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I've Successfully connected on a Mac!!

Scott Mermel 904956

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So here's a solution for Mac users that works (I've flown three flights on VATSIM without any problems) using the current Mac version of XSquawkbox. It's easy to install and get working, unlike the tedious process for SWIFT (which I couldn't never to work for the past few weeks). What you do need is Parallels or another way to run Windows on your Mac. Install the Audio for VATSIM standalone client for Windows (7 or later) using Windows. Once installed and running, go to the "Settings" and enter your VATSIM ID and P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word, select your Microphone input and sound output devices (if none show up, you need to allow Parallels access to your mic and audio output by selecting them from Parallel's "Devices" menu. Select a PTT Key using the "Set New PTT key or button" under "PTT Settings". (NOTE: I have not been able to select buttons on my simulation yoke, so I just picked a key on my keyboard.) Finally, you need to look up your local IP address for your Mac and enter that in the "X-Plane IP Address" field. (NOTE: the Mac local IP address is shown in Network System Preferences) Click apply and you'll be back to the main Audio for VATSIM screen. Next, start your simulator. Once it's running, connect to VATSIM using the normal XSquawkBox menu as you always have done. Now go back to Windows and select "Connect" in the Audio for VATSIM window. Be patient, as it may take a few seconds to sync up with your simulator, but you should see the current COM1 and COM2 frequencies you've selected in your simulator show up in the AFV window. Tune to an active ATC frequency in the simulator and you should now be able to transmit (using the PTT key you selected above) and hear the audio of the controller and other pilots! The only complication when flying is that you need to click on the AFV window to communicate and then click back in your sim to continue controlling the aircraft. That was comebersome on my first flight, so I now run AFV on a laptop (using the same instructions as above) so I don't have to click between windows on the one computer. Try it -- it works very well and is a good work-around until XSquawkBox for Mac is updated to work natively. Let me know your results. Hope this helps.

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