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Ming Lee, Senior Advisor of VATROC

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Ming Lee- Statement of recognition and honour.

Vatsim Asia Region - RD office


Dear all,

It is with great sadness to learn Ming Lee, Senior advisor of VATROC, p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed away on 11th November 2019. Ming Lee has been a VATSIM member since 2001 actively participating in our community as VATROC Senior advisor and has held various staff positions at VATROC. Ming's activity does extend beyond VATSIM and has inspired many young and not only, aviation enthusiasts into aviation to become pilots and ATC through his blog. His contribution and dedication to the community will be missed, but above all his kind personality and friendly character.

We express our sincere condolences to friends and family of Ming Lee.

Ming, you will be missed.


Anastasios Stefopoulos



Han Cui


Vice President | Asia Pacific Region
image.png.0fbc2efe758d66615ca0218192f10b82.png [email protected]

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