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Loosing voice after time without warning

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So I'm using XPL 11.40 and X-Pilot I noticed that during flying at some random moments I loose whole audio, that means I can't transmit anything and I don't hear anyone, it happened yesterday and day before. There is no warning that I was logged out from voice server or anything, I have to disconnect and then connect again, that usually fix the problem, but still it can happen every few minutes or after 30 minutes. It's very annoying because of no warning I don't know that I lost communication. I noticed that when the problem appears and I try to push my PTT button on joystick, in X-Pilot TX sign not lights in green as it does when everything works, that indicates that I again lost audio. Yesterday I lost connection to voice but in this case some warning message appeared:

"Disconnected from voice server: Lost connection (in orange)

The server has failed to respond to the authentication challenge (in red)"


Any ideas what can cause problem? What is wrong?

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Likewise. XP11 and xPilot. AFV was working fine for me for the large part, but just this past Sunday, I began getting dropped every few minutes. The first time there was an error message; thereafter, I just stopped being able to transmit without warning.


I then did a group flight Sunday evening with three others who reported no issues, at least one of which was also using xPilot. So, I rebooted my router afterward as a precaution.


Monday night I still had at least one, and possibly two, instances where voice would drop without any error message. In all cases, Disconnect/Reconnect fixed the issue, temporarily.


Not complaining, mind you -- just reporting.




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I just flew a flight from TPA to ATL. I was able to get a voice check from ATL_CTR prior to entering his airspace and everything seemed fine. As the flight continued and I approach Center's approach boundary, I lost all voice connection. He was able to message me, but no audio. I disconnect from VATSIM, exited X-Pilot and restarted it, then reconnected to VATSIM and voice was restored. I was relieved that it wasn't a problem with properly configuring the radio in the aircraft, but it can be an annoyance at times. Glad it didn't happen while I was in a more critical phase of the flight.

Michael McClelland


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