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Overlapping radar holes

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Hello community


I'm currently designing the radar section of our sector file. I have 9 Primary radars and 24 Secondary radars spread out across the country. As you can understand this gives us different coverages for PSR vs MSSR. My current plan is to create one set of holes for the PSR's, and another set for the MSSR's, but how would this work when I set for instance:




PSR Hole:10000:0:0

MSSR Hole:0:0:10000

Where the holes are partially overlapping.


As you can see in this image. The red sector is where my PSR's are blind, and the green sector is where the MSSR's are blind (areas above and to the left of the sectors are covered)



What will happen in the overlapping areas, where I have set C top XYZ and in the other C top 10000 feet.

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