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VatSpy not showing ATC info

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As I used VatSpy, it's doing great. But sometimes it says that it couldn't load data from the server and is changing to an another server.

As it changed last time, it's not displaying any ATC info (Controller info with for example covered airports by Center frequency, or ATIS transcription). It's very problematic, because I don't know if some Radar contollers control airport that I want to fly, and when I'm contacting them, they say, that, as they wrote in the Info section, they do not control that airport.

So my question is: can I manually restart to an another server to see the ATC info? Or can I see it without changing a server?

Yes, I reinstalled it, and it still doesn't work. And yes, I searched program settings and there isn't an option to change the server.


Thank you for future help,


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