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[simulator] How to transfer simulation between pseudopilot

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Since ES wiki is down, I have a question: anybody remembers how to transfer simulated airplane from one pseudopilot to another? Example:

I am connected as LKPR_APP (Start sweatbox simulator session), loaded a scenario file, and I am pushing traffic DLH123 into the sweatbox. From another computer my friend connects at LKAA_CTR and I want him to be pseudopilot of this traffic for a while. How do I push it to him? When I click the "transfer simulation" option, nothing happens.


Another question: if I start another euroscope on my second screen and connect via proxy to the first one, how can I control traffic from the second euroscope? It seems not to give me the option. When I control the tower, I am used to have one screen with radar view of the surrounding airspace, and second screen with ground traffic. It would be very helpful to have the same for pseudopiloting. One screen for vectoring traffic, other screen for taxiing traffic on the ground.


Thank you!


Pavel Brodsky


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On the first point, the second pseudo pilot should connect in the mode "Start sweatbox simulator session" but leave the 'scenario' field blank. I believe you also have to set "Publish simulation data" to 'To pseudo pilot only'. I've never used this mode and I'm not certain it works correctly. Not available in the original version 3.2 - you need the latest beta version (r23)


On the second point, you need to two radar displays for a Tower session but you don't need two computers or two ES instances. Just open two radar screens and switch between them with F7.

Mike Pike


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