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Filing a plan more than two hours in advance

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As per the topic, wondering how I can submit a plan more than two hours in advance?


The official form at https://cert.vatsim.net/fp/file.php doesn't seem to have a date field, and I do my planning in Little Navmap so the whole SimBrief thing seems unnecessary to me.


Is there no official VATSIM flight-plan form I can submit a plan for 2+ hours in advance with?

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No need to file it that far in advance. We usually have no gate release flow controllers, Even at big events (Cross the Pond is the one and only exception I'm aware of) and as such, nobody is going to be looking at your flightplan till you do log in.

That said, I often like to set up my flightplan the night before, sim running, but vpilot logged out - so I can wake up at silly o'clock am, and get connected and start flying a few minutes after I got out of bed.

To do that, I usually get https://cert.vatsim.net/fp/file.php set up so I am just 2 clicks on the "File Flight Plan" button away from being filed, and then logging into Vpilot.


It takes literally seconds for the flightplan to enter the system, so if you have set up all the fields ready to go the night before, it's simply a matter of clicking "File Flight Plan", getting the usual error message that the page has been idle for too long, and then clicking "File Flight Plan" a second time to get the plan into the system. Then I can log in via Vpiot within 5 seconds and be ready to start the plane/stream.

Yes this process takes nearly 5 seconds longer than if flightplans stayed in the system for 12 hours. But my time isn't That precious!


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Pre-filing is just a convenience tool if you prefer to file from a web app instead of just entering it into your pilot client upon connection.


A "booking" would only be relevant for a very large-scale event, where the event organizers are attempting to meter the number of pilots departing all at around the same time. Most events, you don't need a booking. Those that require them will state so in their postings.


There are a few sites that allow ATC "booking" as a means for advertising in advance that ATC will be available. I'm not aware of any such feature for pilots, but I could be wrong.




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