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[December 26th 16:00-20:00z] Hanukka Seniors Control Room

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Dear pilots!


We would like to welcome you all to our "Seniors Control Room" event In honor of Hanukka.


The event will take place on December 26th between 16:00-20:00 UTC.


The event concept is based on VATIL's Seniors - VATIL fathers, funders and oldest friends.


Expect for an exclusive event with high-quality ATC.



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Just to let you know:

Our control room is located in Israel. All VATIL members donated computers, monitors and other necessary equipment needed in order to give you the best service we can.

Moreover, our control room is also equipped with a live tower view and lifelike seating positions in order to achieve a real control tower environment.


Come and join to an enjoyable event with great ATC service!


We hope to see you in the air.


VATIL's slogan – Virtual Is The New Reality.




Scenery and Charts: LLBG




We wish you a successful and enjoyable event!

Best regards,


Or Belisha - VATIL Events Director

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