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mix VHF1, VHF2, I hear myself

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Hello. it is hard for me to describe the problem exactly so I put some pictures with a short description of what is going on

1 At first setting the microphone does not work.



2 the microphone works, I hear control, I hear myself very strongly and clearly, which prevents conversation



3 works the same as number 2



4 like the previous one, it works and I hear myself very strong



I really tried to fix the problem for a long time but I have no more ideas. can you help me with that?

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Set a different frequency on COM2. If the frequencies on COM1 and COM2 are the same, you'll end up transmitting on the same frequency that you are listening to with the second radio.

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What do you mean with "it does not work"? You can't hear yourself? Other pilots can't hear you? Other controllers?


We need more details. From that last screenshot everything is working just fine. TX lights up when you press your PTT button and -in this case- anyone on UNICOM (122.800) would've heard you.

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Everything works. for tips from Andreas Fuchs, I did a unicom test but no one answered. now I've connected to the tower and it's great. 5/5. thank you Andreas Fuchs and Nestor Perez for your help and time. greetings


The reason nobody answered you on unicom is probably... nobody was there. Not that they didn't hear you, but that they didn't exist.


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