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Planes sunken in ground despite numerous updates

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Hi there!


I'm aware that this was a pre-existing problem for xPilot at initial release, but following that there have been a couple of updates that say that the issue of planes sinking into the ground have been fixed, yet for me, this isn't working.


My friend, who also uses xPilot says that is all working fine for him, and it appears to be the same for other people based on screenshots that I have seen, yet for me, nothing is happening. The planes are all sunken into the ground.


I have re-installed xPilot and model matching many times, but nothing has changed. The only thing for me that has changed in the updates was the planes now receiving working lights and landing gears, however, the landing gears p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] straight through the ground and the planes are left appearing as in the screenshots attached.


Since it appears to be an issue generally only on my side, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions over what could be causing it? The scenery that I use is just freeware from the x-plane store for airports, as well as Orbx TrueEarth GB and Orbx EGNX + EGHI.


I'll attatch a list of my plugins as well.


Thanks in advance,





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Thanks for the help!


I've installed the IVAO vertical offsets, but this doesn't seem to have solved my problem. As well as the aircraft still being sunken into the ground, they have all been replaced with American Airlines MD-80s. This may, however, be an issue with my model matching setup, so I have attached a screenshot of the paths to my CSL as defined in the xPilot settings.


Thanks in advance,






EDIT: Fixed the problem now. It was an issue with the model matching setup following the download of the IVAO Vert Offsets. Didn't realise that you had to specify each of the paths as "Resources/plugins/xPilot/Resources/CSL/BlueBell" etc. Thanks for the help

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