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Peter Story

ATIS Formatting For Australian Standards

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Justin, I'm trying to find a way to use vATIS to depict the ATIS standards for Australia


(I tried to post images of the facility config I used and what vATIS currently produces, but they wouldn't display)


The non-International output is close, but ideally what I'm looking for is

YBMK TERMINAL INFORMATION B RWY 14 WIND: 10020KT VIS: GREATER THAN 10KM WX: {weather conditions if any}

CLD: SCT028 SCT046 T: 26 QNH: 1011


If the METAR has visibility > 10KM, no weather and NCD, then all 3 should be replaced with CAVOK (eg YBMK TERMINAL INFORMATION B RWY 14 WIND: 10020KT CAVOK T: 26 QNH: 1011)

Clouds should only be reported if below 5,000ft or below the airport MSA if greater than 5,000ft

I didn't select [DEW] in the above facility, but it should be displayed as DP: 22 if used


I'm happy to work with you and provide docomeentation on the layout and would really appreciate your help in supporting this standard as a configuration option.



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