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X-plane 11.41 tweaked,


FPS 35-50

PANC local time = night

Starting the flight at 08:17 Z

Taking off at 08:18 Z

Plane DHC-6 RWD updated


08:26 Z xPilot sent a MSG saying the fps was now healthy >= 20 fps

The X-Plane fps constantly shown (changing often) were always >=20


08:40 another MSG despite FPS never never went down under 30

Is it really necessary to say constantly :" all is OK you can fly ! all is OK you can fly !" And when it is obviously not need ?


Hopefully, thank to the developer, the MSG windows can be closed and so the pilot can recover visual during critical phase.


I wonder if it might be stressing for a new pilot trying to land, helped by a new controller, and with also some understanding problems due to usage of non native language. I wonder if it may delays people reaction, and finally if it won't be an additional perturbation which would the contrary of the desired effect.


Hope it'll help if xPilot should log locally in a file the low fps and the timestamp for local investigation.

Writing log file might be asynchronous, and done at a moment where xPilot detects comfortable frame rate.

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Can you confirm that you never received a “your frame rate is less than 20... you will be disconnected in N seconds” message? If so, I will look into why you were getting the “all okay” messages.


Edit: Also in regards to the message window, set a keyboard shortcut to quickly toggle the display or just move and resize the window.

Controller (C3), Los Angeles ARTCC
Developer: xPilot, vATIS

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I wrote a script making things clear. The common rule for a beta is to take testers advice in account.

Really not the first software I tested.

I subscribed to Vatsim to share flights with people and to share entertainment, flying experience.

Real pilot, real developer, real manager of dev team in IT security domain, I just say the trigger annoy pretty much more people than the very one concerned and not a handfull, but as usual a few of them are complaining.

What does think the silent part ? Nobody really knows, nobody.

By the way you ought to rate the number of connection to see if more people are connecting or less, with xPilot first, and the global number to Vatsim.

If they grows, there is no problem, if not you'll have to think about it.

Have nice uncut flights !

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