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Controller/Strange ATIS problem

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Had a small problem that's happened twice while connected to Vatsim over the last few days and it was a different aircraft each time.


The first was a few days ago flying out of Dublin with the PMDG 737, I was on the departure frequency with a controller then suddenly all I could here was an ATIS frequency for somewhere in the US for around 10 mins and couldn't hear the controller at all


And tonight, I was in the FSLabs A319, had no issues at all until around 15 mins after contacting and communicating with London control N when the same thing happened and all I could hear was ATIS for Canterbury (Which wasn't online). The controller was still there but he was very very quiet


Also, when I hear this ATIS, there's also very quiet behind that what also sounds like ATC coverage......but it's not the frequency I'm tuned into


Am I missing something? I've communicated with both Dublin and London control over the last week during other flights and this hasn't happened....it's kinda hit and miss when it does


Any help would be appreciated,





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Are you by chance receiving the default simulator ATIS on that frequency? It would sound like you are describing with the faint "air traffic" in the background. One way to check would be to fire up your sim, do not connect to the network, and tune an ATIS frequency and see if it is what you were hearing.

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