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Not receiving any audio

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Hello there.

I am having troubles with xpilot on xplane11. The problem is the following:

I have the latest xpilot software and have tried this with the default C172, Be58, Zibo, and TOLISS 319.

I can transmit and controllers can hear me, I confirmed this via text. However I cannot hear a single word via voice, also no ATIS. Disconnecting xpilot of course lets me hear the normal xplane ATIS immediately when I do so.

I use a steelseries usb headset, works with all other games. Mic works too.

Yes, I have done the .rx com1 on thing, I have checked that the correct hardware is selected in windows and xpilot...

I have searched lots of forums and similar posts usually ended up with incorrect win audio settings being the issue… I cannot identify any on my machine

Anybody know any wise hints?


Thanks for any help, appreciated!

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Must be some Windows issue. You are German, aren't you? We will be online tonight on VATSIM Germany's Teamspeak server, come and see us there. If you also have TeamViewer (updated to latest version), we can have a quick look into your Windows sound settings. I hope that we can get you going with xPilot this way.

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Audio trouble check reminder :

Windows :

When overflying tray speaker icon do you see if active output is your headset ?

When opening sound parameters windows, from this overfly position, is your output peripheral [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned to your headset? When opening windows sound mixer do you see your headset and check headset sound cursor is up ?



Opening Settings/Audio/PTT tab

is your input device showing your used microphone ?

is output device showing your headset ?

see cursors positions for both

speak on micro : do you see color moving ?



Check audio setting tab

Are sound activated

See cursors position

Check reception with activating ATIS andlistening to your current airport's one

Check plugins/xpilot/setting and verify listening port numbers (btw if not good connection troubles may have already happened)



Heavy problem tracking :

Backup your x-plane/output/preferences folder

and delete .prf (heavy method as I wrote)

Check if it solve

Then file by file restore previously saved .prf files one by one until finding the one causing pb, if pb comes from perf

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