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Issues with Framerate Disconnects

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Hi Justin, in the latest update of XPilot, the disconnect message is being triggered at about 25 FPS, and it won't become "Healthy" until about 30FPS. The issue with this is generally my sim sits at 25 FPS.


Thanks, Tristan.

To verify you can use the script I wrote which shows permanently FPS and FPS drop periods.

When using just X-Plane FPS displays on the top left, retinal remanence don't allow to see short drops.


@Justin, my suggestion is to check by FPS steps, <10FP <15FPS ; <20FPS and check it with 15 to 20 volunteers with lowered power computer. Test it on a demanding scenery.

Observe fluidity with other pilots and controllers, and vote for the best admissible compromise.

Then redo on another scenery. Real time testing workshop on agile mode will rapidly solve the problem.

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