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A tool to show out how FPS is distributed on your computer

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Anybody wants more fluidity, more realism, less annoyance.

As I said in earlier posts (some said "yelled", or "screamed", whatever anybody want to call a from now a protest against unjustified annoyance) I would write some tool to figure out what went wrong.

Using FlyWithLua, I wrote a script which grab on the fly each FPS at frame rate. It displays history of grabbed FPS by step of 5s difference and explicitly shows number of FPS <10; <15s; <20s; <25s; <30s; <35s; <40s; <45s; <50s; <55s; <60s and > 60s.

It shows total number of FPS < 20FPS, the total number of grabbed FPS, the global average FPS.

All is dynamically refreshed. That the static report, bv adding on the fly.

But it was not sufficient as if FPS drops under 20FPS occurs, I had to figure out if it was isolated one, without visible impact for the simmer nor the controller, or if there was a low FPS period, starting, lasting for as long as 30 second, which becomes a real annoyance for both sides : local computer, and other users connected on network, and flying in the same area, the same controlled airspace.

Except to prove something on Chaos Theory, I don't understand why disconnecting an isolated plane above Pacific Ocean, and far from any island with an airport.


So the script also computes the average current FPS on the last 30s, counts the number of period of 30s where this average FPS is under 20FPS.

Yes, indeed, it is some kind of educational code, not compacted, not optimized, but it may helps to track errors in it.


Each simmer is encouraged to test it, to report first annoyance, errors, remarks and eventually satisfaction.

On a 45-55 avg FPS rate computer, I observed FPS drop under 20FPS on my computer, the average number depends on the plane and the scenery used. 1/3000FPS

3jFPS is running in max FPS mode.

When a change is applied to 3jFPS settings you directly see live the gap, the jump of performance.

When you change scenery, also, but as script is in off mode by default you have to restart it, using proper macro choice

When you change plane, same testing condition, use proper macro to show whatever you want.

So, try it, and report if it helps to tune your computer or to see any improvement in xPilot way of selecting computer to be disconnected.

The script is available here : https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/57200-check_fpslua/

Best regards to all

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Thanks for this. I've been using the script since it was available on the X-Plane.org site. Very helpful.
Thank you for sharing (I guess that's exactly that constructive feedback that has been ask for in this discussion). Will test it!

You are welcome ! The more you are the more feedback on tweaks the community will get. I saw many advice on how increase FPS, some of them are antagonist. Using this kind of tool which monitors FPS lives, it 'll be perhaps easier to find the setting you need !

If you fly low and VFR, quality is requested to enhance experience.

If you fly IFR on a busy airports max FPS is the key and as buildings mask part of the scenery, the lack of detail is not critical.


Enjoy !!

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