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VRC says connecting then disconnecting

Ralph Lewis 1427057

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Possibly because you only reactivated your account less than 24 hours ago. It can take at the very least 4, and *usually* at the most 24, hours for your login data to be pushed to all the servers. If within 24 hours, you can try another server. If you're still having the problem after 24 hours, suggest you re-post here.

Don Desfosse
Vice President, Operations

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Hi Don still no luck, I have tried uninstalling did Reg clean with CC cleaner, re-booted still not connecting.

I would put screenshots up but can't seem to do it.

Win 7pro.

VRC 1.2.6 console says,

Performing version check:

Loading network information:

Version check complete. You have the latest version:

Network info loaded. 8 servers found:




Comm setup,

Position Name: OBS

Frequency: 120.500

Vox Server: rw1.vatpac.org

Vox Channel: ML_TWR.


Sorry for the long post wanted to give as much info as possible.

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