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No audio on vPilot

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I recently downloaded vPilot again because I wanted to fly again on VATSIM. It has been over a year since the last time. I filled everything in. Selected my headset as output and my headset mic as input. I'm able to hear the private message notification and messages coming on frequency but I'm unable to hear the controllers talking, I can't hear the buzzer and don't hear anything when switching frequencies (I don't know if the last 2 things still exist on vPilot). This is frustating and I'm really looking forward to hearing the new realistic VATSIM voice comms. I hope this can be fixed.


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I have a similar problem after I upgraded Windows7 to Windows10.


When the vPilot client WINDOW (on remote laptop) is NOT IN FOCUS then all voice IN and OUT is not heard.

When I bring it on top then I hear sounds.

Anyone know how to fix this ?


Try running vPilot as admin.


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I just upgraded my CPU and when I connect to vpilot, I can transmit and be heard but cannot hear ATC. I only see RX illuminating when ATC transmits but no voice heard. 

Solved: With the new CPU came Sonic Sound, which seems to be the issue. I uninstalled it and now all is working well.

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I have the following issue with vPilot.

After some considerable time passes (like 30~60 minutes) while on 122.80 without communications I realize that I do not RECEIVE any voice calls.

When later I tune in and TRANSMIT to ATC on line, I find out (by later asking) that ATC hears me but I do not hear them so the inbound calls seem to be blocked after some time of inactivity.

I close it, re launch it, connect and then it works (checking with ATC).

I run the client on the same single PC without any network remote setup.

Each time I launch it with right click, run as Admin.

I am the admin in the PC anyway.

I have the vPilot window visible on the side screen (extended desktop).

Audio devices are all properly set up and tested.

Just in case, I have set UDP Inbound & Outbound rules with port 3290 open but that did not change anything.

vPilot is already recognized and allowed in Windows Defender but I added the above rules anyway.

Is there something else I could set up with Windows Firewall rules ?

I do not have a separate software/hardware Firewall, only what Windows 10 provide i.e. Control Panel->Windows Defender Firewall->Advanced Settings->Inbound & Outbound Rules

Any clues ?

Windows 10, up to date updates,  vPilot always updated, Prepar3D v5.1, No other 3rd party antivirus etc.


Hellenic vACC | Olympic Air Virtual

Europe Region Director 2001-2011

Pilot: P5 | ATC: C3

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