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Mark Richards

Agenda: VATSIM Board of Governors Meeting 18JAN20

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Agenda: VATSIM Board of Governors Meeting 18JAN20


In accordance with the notice given at https://www.vatsim.net/meeting-minutes, the Board of Governors Meeting for Q4 2019 (October to December) will take place at 20:00UTC on Saturday 18JAN20.




  1. Open meeting, roll call, apologies, and proxies – Gunnar Lindahl
  2. Ad hoc votes since the last meeting – Mark Richards
  3. Old Business
    1. Proposed Changes to Executive Committee - Jackson Harding
    2. Roadmap Prioritisation - Gunnar Lindahl
    3. AFV and next steps - Gunnar Lindahl

[*]New Business

  1. Technical Team Priorities Update - Mark Richards
  2. New Pilot Rating System and Membership Certification Standards - Ethan Hawes
  3. X Plane Client Changes - Aidan Stevens and Matt Bartels
  4. Countering stream snipers - Don Desfosse

[*]Department Updates

  • Operations – Mark Richards
  • Network Infrastructure - Matt Cianfarani
  • Regions – Jackson Harding
  • Technical Development - Aidan Stevens
  • Web Services - Zach Biesse-Fitton
  • Conflict Resolution – Norman Blackburn
  • Virtual Airlines & SOA – Roger Curtiss
  • Marketing and Communications – Matt Bartels
  • Supervisors – Tim Barber
  • Membership - Don Desfosse
  • Pilot Training - Ethan Hawes

[*]Any other Business

[*]Close meeting

Mark Richards (811451)

Vice President Operations (VATGOV2)

Auckland, New Zealand



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