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xPilot beta update now available

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Version of xPilot is now available for download from the web site, or via the automatic update utility built into the pilot client.


The following items were added or fixed in this version:


  • New frame rate detection logic
  • Added the ability to connect with only an output audio device present (for those who are receive only)
  • Added voice server auto-reconnect functionality for voice server disconnects
  • Fixed issue with .wallop not sending the full message


This version of xPilot features a newly designed frame rate detection logic. You will be allotted 30 seconds of bad frame rate time (FPS less than 20). At 10 seconds of consecutive bad frame rate time, you will receive your first warning message letting you know that you’ll be disconnected in 20 seconds if your frame rate does not improve. At 20 seconds, you will receive a second warning message letting you know that you’ll be disconnected in 10 seconds. At 30 seconds, you will be disconnected from the network. If your frame rate improves at anytime before you are disconnected, any pending disconnects will be cancelled. Previously, the bad frame rate time was accomeulated until a 30 second bucket was exhausted, at which time you were disconnected. Now, your frame rate must be below 20 for at least 30 consecutive seconds before you are disconnected.


Also new in this version is the ability to connect to the voice servers with only an output audio device. This is especially helpful to those users who are receive only (but we hope you will one day join us on voice!)


Lastly, a voice server auto-reconnect functionality has been implemented. Previously, if you encountered a connection disruption to the voice server, you were silently disconnected without any warning. Now, xPilot will attempt to automatically re-connect you to the voice server. You will be notified through the main xPilot window when this occurs, and you will hear an audible error sound notifying you of such event.


It is important that you close X-Plane before installing the update, otherwise the X-Plane plugin cannot be properly updated.

Controller (C3), Los Angeles ARTCC
Developer: xPilot, vATIS

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