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[BAHVACC] Position Vacancy - ATC Training Director

Chriss Klosowski

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Chriss Klosowski

The Bahrain vACC is looking to expand it's staff team and we are now seeking new potential candidate to join us as the ATC Training Director. Please find below the lists of Responsibilities/Duties:


Responsible to:

Bahrain vACC Director and his/her Deputy


Position Duties:

  • Being an Active, and engaged Member of the Training Team.

  • [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist vACC Members/Visiting Members with issue pertaining to ATC Operations and Local Procedures.

  • Provide Training Sessions to vACC Members who are aiming to achieve an ATC Rating.

  • Manages ATC Training Requests, Maintains Bahrain Theory Exams and processes [Mod - Happy Thoughts]essment Completion.

  • Manages the vACC Training Policy.

  • Maintaining a visible presence in the vACC Community, with a minimum of 10 hours on the Network per quarter.


Requirements/Essential Criteria:

  • Hold at least an C1 Rating, however, I1 is preferable.

  • Has had over 100 hours experience as a VATSIM/VATME Controller.

  • Be Familiar with VATSIM Middle East ATC Operations and Procedures, as well as Bahrain vACC Operations.

  • Must be in good standing in VATSIM for more than two years at the time of application.

  • Been a Resident within the VATSIM Africa Middle East Region for at least 6 months. Although exceptions can be made.

  • Been a Member of VATSIM for at least 12 months.

  • Demonstrate a Great Knowledge of Local Procedures, vACC Policies, Divisional and Regional Policy.

  • Has Good Communication Skills, has the ability to speak fluent English and works well in a Team.


Interested!? Please contact us with below info:

Full Name, Active E-Mail Address, and VATSIM CID

An Overview or motivation letter of why you should be the Event and Marketing Director(ideas, things you can bring to vACC, etc)

Previous Experience (Past Staff Positions, Other Outside VATSIM roles/experiences that will help you within this position).

All applications to be sent via email to the Director and CC his Deputy via [email protected] & [email protected]


The Applications will remain open until a suitable candidate is found.

Division Director, VATSIM Middle East & North Africa  
VATSIM Network Senior Supervisor, Team 5
##  [email protected] 


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