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Audio For VATSIM in Control Room

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We have a permanent control room for controlling in VATSIM,

In our last control room event the ATC positions were disconnected every few minutes from the AFV but not from Euroscope.

I was wondering if there are special instructions for using AFV in control room? maybe shared ip is the problem?


Thank you,

Or Bahtari - VATIL1

Division Director

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When we did this at VATSIM-UK Live we didn't make any changes and had ~50 people connected with no issues.


As long as the router can support a decent number of NAT'ed connections it should be fine. There was a theoretical maximum supported on one public IP address by the AFV design but this was into the several thousand


Your issue was probably the router closing UDP connections, also check for 'UDP Flood Attack' setting or similar.




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