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ZDC Live at the AVSIM Convention! Saturday 9/16

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The Washington ARTCC will be controlling LIVE from the floor of the AVSIM Convention this Saturday September 16 from 1-5 PM EST.


Featured airports are Washington Dulles (KIAD) and Washington-Reagan National (KDCA). Check our website at http://www.zdcartcc.org this week for additional details and suggested routes.


We plan to have additional staff controlling remotely as well. Join us for an afternoon of great flying and controlling.

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Kyle Ramsey



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I look forward to meeting the participants. Hopefully we will have plenty of traffic for them to control so as to put on a good show for convention attendees.


When I was in San Diego last year, the ZLA team did a great job with a similar event on the floor of the convention. Here are some of the photos I took of the ZLA crew. It was amazing how many flight sim enthusiasts attended the convention who were at awe of what VATSIM had to offer. Most all of them knew of us, but a surprising number of people had no idea how it really worked. This is a great PR opportunity.

Mike Bevington


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I tried to fly-in but the servers kept dropping socket connections and the splits were constant. Spent more time trying to reconnect to different servers than flying, so I had to finally give up on my [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned modified downwind. Finished the flight offline.


The APP Controller must have been "chewing rocks" by this time. I'm amazed of the patience he displayed.

Can't remember who you were, but nice job trying to keep it together. That also goes for everyone who worked the scopes and flew.



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