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I use FLAi and it's VMR file but when flying with friends I would like to put them in a specific livery. They mostly fly PMDG 737/777/747 and vPilot is putting them in White liveries. I would like to easily (though this doesn't seem possible!) place them in something matching what they are flying (same as we used to do in FSInnn or JoinFS). So it looks like I need to become proficient in using custom rules but am struggling with it.


My thought was maybe VMRGenerator could [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist me in this process by providing some samples.


As an extra query, is there a list of ModelMatchRules or an Tutorial for Dummies on how to create?




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I see. I am not current enough on FLAi, because I am using X-Plane.


You will have to dig into the FLAi-files that define what aircraft types and liveries go together. Are you sure that you have the liveries of the specific type that your friends are using?

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