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Vatsim Music Station

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I had an idea the other day.


Why don't you have a radio station on the Vatsim network on a unique frequency so anyone around the world flying can listen too.


On longer flights with no ATC and Unicom isn't particularly important, people could tune in and enjoy themselves.


Could definitely be community-driven with song requests and could even have advertisements for new flight sim products as well.

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Hey, VATSIM doesen't provide one because I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume they have more important things to worry about

But Sky Blue Radio is redeveloping our Wee Tune Beastie plugin which allows you to listen to our station in cockpit via tuning com 2 to 123.45.

I'll keep you updated.

Tristan Garratt


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Internet radio is already a thing. What exactly would hosting it on Vatsim audio add? The protocol isn't even very suitable for it, it is heavily optimized for speech, and for simulating realistic audio quality deterioration like on real radio frequencies. Not only would this hog a network essentially running on donated servers and bandwidth for a purpose the donors didn't sign up for, it also wouldn't sound very good.


If you want a VATSIM radio station, the best way IMO would be to host it independently, and just advertise it within the VATSIM community.

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