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VCCS Guidance Needed.

Ngieng Soon 1129574

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Some add ons from me, we were testing this among a group of controllers, we managed to get the FSD server online. If I start the server on my own PC, I am able to establish connection by setting the VCCS host to, but others are not able to establish connection and get the above mentioned error code by connecting to my public IP address.


Actually does is this feature still supported? Or focus is now put on the new AFV client where I know Gary mentioned something about incorporating landline features in AFV.


Thanks in advance for any responses!

Hoo Jiong Sheng
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Hi guys

We are indeed using VCCS in our vACC. The server where VCCS is running must be exposed to the public. If you call another controller, you basically "invite" them to your VCCS server.
If you are able to establish a connection to localhost, but remote clients cannot connect via public IP there can be many reasons for this. Three of them are:

. Your "public" IP not being publicly addressable (ie. due to Enterprise-NAT, which is often used by Providers that offer DualStack-Lite IPv6 connectivity). This essentially means that your provider assigns the same public IP to many of their clients which basically has the same effect as the second possible reason, except that you cannot influence the outcome. Since VCCS does not support IPv6 to my knowledge, there is not really a way around this, as in such a setup, only your IPv6 address is publicly routable
- Your client sits behind a personal NAT, which is not configured to expose the VCCS port to the public. This can normally be changed by setting up your Internet Router appropriately using port forwarding
- The client you are trying to connect to is secured by a firewall which has to be configured to expose the respective port to the public.

Those are the highest probability reasons i could come up with. I highly recommend running the VCCS server on a dedicated server (Win/Linux) with a dedicated public IPv4 address.
You may check out my earlier post here, for an easy ready-to-run solution for setting up VCCS.

Best regards

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