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Transferring RW Pilot certs to VATSIM

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The Vatsim pilot ratings are optional. They bestow no advantage to you as a pilot on the network, other than the joy of learning. The first rating on Vatsim is essentially a course on how to install the vatsim client onto your simulator and connect to the servers. Other than that, it's just a badge to show you like learning.


All pilots on the network have the same privileges. Pilots with no ratings at all are indeed permitted to fly a Boeing 747-8 on a trans Atlantic flight (single pilot ops no less!), or hop into a helicopter to transition the cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] Bravo in New York, VFR.


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I think the VATSIM authorized (pilot) training organizations, while all taking a slightly different approach to teaching and examining their students, all do an outstanding job and deserve a huge thank you for their efforts. They do not hand out medals, you get a pilot rating as a certificate of your VATSIM piloting knowledge once a part of the curriculum has been completed and the exam(s) p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed.


Lets all remember that some members join VATSIM at an age as young as 13 years and may be exposed to the operation of a (virtual) airplane for the first time in their lives. Same may apply to members aged 30, or 50 or 80. And they very much appreciate the help.


Please note that some people get more enjoyment if they have an additional reason to fly a flight, than just to fly the flight. This may be to fly for a VA, fly on FSEconomy, and some members opt to challenge themselves to a VATSIM pilot rating checkride.


We are all in this for entertainment, fun and learning. Our real world members use VATSIM to keep their skills sharp, both on the controller side and on the pilot side and we can learn from them.


VATSIM is restructuring the pilot rating system.




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  • Board of Governors

Hello all,


I wanted to provide some clarification regarding the first post and some other areas. We do intend on allowing members to transfer their real-world certificates and ratings into the newly proposed pilot rating system. Information regarding the process will be coming in future news releases, so please keep an eye out for those.


The pilot ratings as they existed before are in the middle of a drastic change from more of a basics approach, to more of a real-world one. The new Membership Certification Standards are modeled after their real-world counterpart's, but within reason and applicability to the sim world. These pilot ratings will become very visible on pilot mapping clients like VATSPY etc in the coming months in an effort to encourage people to pursue further education and improve their pilot rating displayed next to their name.


Thanks for the question though and I hope I was able to clear some things up.

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