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[vAAirlines - aalva.org] Final Chance to Get Involved!

Torrance Hollins

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Last week vAAirlines, an American Virtual Airline, made it's official announcement of operations to the public! The application window for those interested in participating in a soft release beta test is set to close in less than two hours. The following is the original text from the announcement of operations which details our vision for the virtual airline as well as how to get involved. Window closes at 1900 Central Standard Time, so there isn't much time left!


----Begin MEMO Dated 16 March 2020----


vAAirlines is pleased to announce that after months of planning, testing, and building, we are able to publicly announce our project and share with you the projected timelines for release to the public. vAAirlines is an American Virtual Airline based in Fort Worth, Texas which was created with a vision to build a unique and fresh take on the world’s largest airline. This vision encomp[Mod - Happy Thoughts]es our founding core principles which includes the freedom to fly on various networks with real world callsigns (or offline with/without AI), a strong user interface both on the public end of our website as well as for our pilots, realistic fleet availability, responsive staff members, no “pay to play” of any kind, and progression based upon experience and knowledge, not just hours flown. These principles are the foundation upon which our core values were established to ensure the very best experience for our members as we strive to create an amazing community of aviation enthusiasts. vAAirlines was founded by members and consultants who operate for the real-world American Airlines Group (AAG) to ensure we deliver on these core values and overall objectives.


vAAirlines is currently eyeing a mid-summer 2020 release with an official release date to follow in a later memo. Shortly, vAAirlines will begin a soft release as a form of beta testing to ensure all aspects of the website, servers, and external applications are working correctly to provide a smooth transition to an official public launch. If you are interested in participating in the soft release, please send the following information, in an organized manner, to ceo[at]aalva[at]org for consideration;


  • Full Name
    Email Address
    Date of Birth (to confirm you meet all COPPA laws)
    Any real-world aviation experience
    Current virtual airline involvement and history of involvement including any past/current staff positions held in a virtual airline or other Virtual Organization (VATSIM, IVAO, etc)
    Computer specs including simulator used and any major addons (mainly aircraft and weather software)
    Short description of why you would like to be a part of the new vAAirlines
    Positive or negative indication of whether or not you would be interested in any volunteer staff position should one present itself as available to you
    All emails must be received before 23 March 2020 at 1900 Central Standard Time to be considered, with more information to be sent out by 29 March 2020 for those selected.


We are very excited about taking these initial steps to bring the project to its full strength in the very near future and look forward to bringing on experienced individuals to help [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist with the final touches of our new organization. Thank you for your time, and welcome to the initial look at vAAirlines, an American Virtual Airline.

Torrance Hollins | vAAirlines CEO - aalva.org


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