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Hi all! Hope everyone's doing well!


So, I'm the FE for my division, and about 7 months ago I undertook a project where I would set up all configurations for both sectorfiles (my division administers two different FIRs), this included colors, tags, everything to get it to look and behave as close to the real things as possible. I'm glad to say I'm pretty much done but I'm just missing some very minor details and I was wondering if anybody could help me out/set me in the right direction, so here are my questions:


1st: is there any way I could [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign a specific set of fix names and symbols to be a different color? As in, say I'd like a fix name BOBUD and it's symbol to be red instead of what I have set as the default color for all fixes.


2nd: I have very minimal knowledge in plug in development, but does anybody know of a plug in that could change the cursor shape/color inside of ES? On top of this, would there be anyway to be able to change the prefix A to an F after p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing transition altitude?


Thank you, and sorry for bothering, have a good one!

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For your first question, does adding the colour at the end of the line in the sct2 file do that?


Only a stab in the dark mate.

Hey! No I tried, but when I do it just removes the fix as a whole.

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1 Question:

I do not think it is actually possible to do that. The only byp[Mod - Happy Thoughts] or workaround this would just be to define the FIX in the [FREETEXT] / [LABELS] section separately and just give it a different color. Everything in the [FIXES] section has a fixed color definition according to the Symbol file.


2 Question:

The only plugins that I know that can change the cursor is the TopSky plugin. However it simulates the EUROCAT system used in Europe so it would overhaul your whole setup entirely. I asked someone before to create a plugin just for the Cursor but I got no response. In terms of the A/F situation there isn't really much you can do. By default by changing the transition level/altitude in the top bar it will just add A (A=Altitude) for everything below the transition level. Unless someone has found a workaround.

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