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Apparently disconnected while on Unicom

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Probably not a Swift issue but...

Flying online this afternoon with Swift v0.9.3, I was happily working a sequence of controllers during an event, then handed to Unicom (I was running ahead of the event time scale). 10 minutes later, I was expecting to see other controllers come online but no one appeared. Then I received a 'contact me' message and when I called on the frequency there was nothing there. I appeared to be still connected (and they could obviously see me online.


I decided to try disconnecting and reconnecting and got the error message 'server full'. I tried another server and carried on without further issues. But I'm just querying whether there is any connection between the voice dropping out, the in range controller list not updating and the server full. I believe this is the first time I've been disconnected from voice!

Mike Pike


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Hi Michael,


I was flying this afternoon, too, incredibly busy and there were some technical issues with the voice server. On my first attempt to log on to VATSIM (German server) I also got "Server full" and chose another VATSIM server, worked.

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