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[EUROPEAN ATC] Meteo system AMS.3

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I just want to let you know about my newly finished project. I have coded a meteo viewer AMS.3. It is basically a copy of a real system used at LKPR Prague tower. It is capable of presenting airport weather to the controller. My aim was to make this behave at least 99% like the real stuff, and to work with VATSIM well. Just note that the barometric pressure is displayed in hectopascals only, so probably not usable for controllers who use inHg.


Technically: it runs under Air Manager app, and it connects to your FSX/P3D/X-Plane as the weather source. It can not display weather from some web source directly, only from your running simulator. It will display any weather that you have in your sim (offline weather, ActiveSky, VATSIM, IVAO, or any other weather source).


Currently only the weather-view part is implemented. The airport light controls and other tools are not implemented, because they are useless for online environment.


If you want to try this:

1) Figure out how to run TowerView in your flightsim (connection to vatsim, display traffic, model matching, vatsim weather)

2) Purchase Air Manager (for desktop Windows, Mac, Linux, or tablet iPad or Android)

3) Inside Air Manager, download AMS.3 from Free online instruments menu

4) If you are using FSX/P3D, you have to install additional LUA script, add few lines to FSUIPC.ini and install my SimObjects files (you can find all of them in the folder folder of AMS.3)

5) Start your flightsim, start AirManager, and enjoy!


It is fully configurable for any airport using the User preferences menu in Air Manager


Best regards,

Pavel Brodsky




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Pavel Brodsky


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