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New Member, trying to get vERAM to function.

Kelly Mack 1483992

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OK, here goes:


1) during registration, I was asked if I was a "pilot in the real world," which i am. Now VS thinks I'm interested in piloting.

2) I downloaded and installed vERAM. It asks me to select a region, and the list is empty.

3) I have validated all the accounts I know about.


Can someone send me to the correct place so I can resolve this on my own, or [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist. Thanks!

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  • Board of Governors

1. Identifying as a pilot or not during registration makes no difference in what you can do on VATSIM. Our members may fly, control, or do both.

2. Check with your facility training staff for facility files and what your initial ATC client will be. I can near-100% guarantee it won't be vERAM! (vERAM is a very advanced Center/Enroute program optimized for use in the US).

3. Are you saying you have violated the VATSIM User Agreement and Code of Conduct and created multiple accounts? If so, I strongly encourage you to self-disclose that information to the Membership team at https://membership.vatsim.net and gain [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance in identifying your primary account and getting any duplicate accounts closed. Things are generally easier when you self-disclose.



Don Desfosse
Vice President, Operations

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