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I have updated to version since doing so I cant see the aircraft or call signs. I am running x-plane version 11.41. Xpilot does not show up on the plugin list. I am guessing it could be that this version is for x-plane 11.50 Vulkan and is no there is no support for version 11.41 of x-plane. Is there any way I can get an older version of xpilot. I tried uninstalling xpilot and downloading it again but it didn't work. I can hear the radio.

Matt Bozwood-Davies
 Vice President Technical Development    
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@Michael Kuhne: just download and intall the most current C++ Redistributable from Microsoft as mentioned in the post Justin linked... You did not read it properly - there are three fixes listed and it is even the first one that should help. I can totally understand Justin - he`s working hard on the code in his free time and so many people just have that "deliver me the working version instantly/without any own effort in troubleshooting" attitude and would e.g. not read any support material before hand.

Here is the link again: 


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