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VPilot sound volume drops

Hans Jaspers

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Hans Jaspers
Posted (edited)

Hi y'all,

Every once in a while this happens: the sound on my headset of controllers and pilots decrease to an inaudible low volume.
I've searched the forums and tried all mentioned solutions to no avail. It keeps happening.

I use FSX:SE, the latest version of vPilot (happend in all previous versions as well though), in the configuration settings of Windows  I have
disabled all 'exclusive modes' , disabled all 'sound improvements' and all other things mentioned in the forums about this issue including
the 'don't undertake actions when communication is detected' fix.

Simply keeps happening. Sound comes back when I cut the sound in FSX using 'q', but drops down in volume again when I re-enable the sim-sounds.

Thing that's interesting: it sometimes happens on an active frequency, but ALWAYS when I get the ATIS on comm 2 radio.

Anyone with other suggestions or a fix that actually works? Or a link to a solution?

Would be much appreciated!!



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