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Suggestion to make it easier for deaf controllers in euroscope

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Hi guys, my name is Daniel Regueira, I am virtual pilot and controller in Vatspa Spain. I am also deaf and use a cochlear implant but I find it difficult to understand people by voice as I am not face to face to understand it since I need to use text with the pilots. My reason is to give a suggestion to the vatsim team and the euroscope team is to put an option to check text-only box and when the drivers enter the frequency they receive a few beeps and that a text or sound that says sorry sir appears, on this frequency is not available for voice, use only text because the controller is deaf. Please use text. I hope this suggestion will be heard. Even if you use the info to alert not all pilot software warns as the info does not appear when you enter frequency. In sqwuakbox if what you do

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