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GOL 737-700 x Embraer Jet collision... what went wrong ?

Hendrik-Jan Monshouwer 981

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Pilotos, tripulação e p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ageiros da GOL 737-700 fique com Deus.


Depois de ter me viciado no FS2004 e ter participado do vatsim online...

fico admirado dos pilotos na vida real...


não ah margem de erro

nã ah nada mais temeroso du que p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ar por um accidente areao


Fico indignado em pensar que sempre a primeira conclusção da mídia e erro de piloto... grr%$#$#@@

e nem se for erro de piloto... putz de qualquer jeito.. a familia mereci condecorações postumas de bravura

e não possiveis punições...





TCAS... 4 pilotos ... planos de voo.. 2 aviões de ultima geração... COLLIDEM ?


nem tentando..num simulador eu consigo collidir com um outro avião...


oque voces acham que pode ter acontecido...


eu acho.. falha estrutural seguido de despresurização.. pilot tenta decer repentinamnete ate 10.000 para ter oxigenio...

dai o choque entre os 2 aviões...




Flight plans, 4 pilots, emtpy skies. brand new aircraft....???


Suggestions on what could have gone wrong with GOL 737-700 x Embraer Jet in september 2006


Isnt it impossible for 2 jets with normal functions to collide in mid air like that ??


whats your thoughts..?



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It was Legacy who was flying with the TCAS turn off (CONFIRMED)

GOL aircraft was not with the TCAS turned off, it was tuned ON.


The flight plan from Legacy was on FL370, crossing BRS VOR descend to FL360 and after return to FL370. But the problem was: he did not descend to 360 he maintain the FL370 crashing with the Boeing! The ATC did not see they both in the same FL because Legacy's TCAS was turned off, and because the ATC's was changing places.


BUT ATENTION! The investigations did not finished yet, so there are a lot of thing to see!


June 10th, 2007 at 20:00pm on Discovery Chanel Brasil - "Crashing over amazon" (Only in Brazil, i do not now when it will show on USA)

Guilherme Mendes Araujo - SBBR



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Sorry but it's diffucult to tell you all the details. The investigation did not finished yet, like I said.

But there are something there are sure!


They were ate the same FL (CONFIRMED) the reasond to crash

The Legacy was with the TCAS turned off, and it were airbone, It is forbiden flight without TCAS. (CONFIRMED)


So, here is the problem, the controller. The Legacy was with SBBS_CTR, and de Boeing with SBAZ_CTR, they both ready to change CTR (Legacy going to SBAZ_CTR, and Boenig going to SBBS_CTR). The SBBS_CTR have lost communications with Legacy some minutes before crash. At this time SBBS was changing controllers, so the controller before should told to the another controller about the Legacy's TCAS OFF, and he don't!


Actualy, four controllers is going to court, and both Legacy's pilots.


Here in Brazil we have a lot of discuss in ATC vs Air Force Comand. ATC tells their softeweres and computers heve a lot of problems. Some times aircrafts disapear on radar screen. But the Air Force Comand sais NO! So we can't know trully who was falt.


In my opinion everybody have participated with a little pieace of guilty (Controllers and Pilots)

Guilherme Mendes Araujo - SBBR



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