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Masaki Hasuike 1141450

Indicate the AIRAC cycle in your flight plan

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A lot of airspaces and airports are being amended in Japan.

To minimise the confusion caused by the version difference of the NavData between each pilot, pilots flying in VATJPN airspace shall note following.


・Pilots shall indicate the AIRAC cycle by putting “AIRACxxxx” on the beginning of the remarks column of the Fight Plan.

Note that in the strip bay on the VRC, the display of the Remarks column is significantly restricted.


Be especially careful if you use the flight plan generation add-on.


Pilots should try to update their AIRAC to the latest version if it’s possible.

When it is particularly mentioned by the specific NOTAMs, it is strongly recommended to update their AIRAC to the specified version.

Edited by Masaki Hasuike 1141450

Masaki Hasuike / 1141450 / VATJPN1


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