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New to VATSIM, Would like to monitor frequency, what callsign to use?

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Hi Ruben,

welcome to VATSIM!

What Flight-SIM are you using, what pilot client? Or are you intending to start ATC training? Judging from your name you are probably Dutch and would like to observe traffic and listen to ATC in Amsterdam.

If you want to do this in your FS, just take a Cessna or similar general aircraft and position yourself on the GA-apron in EHAM, then connect with a pilot client, the callsign is completely up to you, probably a civil Dutch registration would be appropriate, like PHRCO ("PH" for Holland and the three letters taken from your name initials. Make sure to not include the "dash" in the callsign, even if it is painted on the aircraft).

If you want to do this in your ATC program, probably Euroscope, download the sector files and setup of your VACC, load them in Euroscope and then connect as "OBSERVER", while the preferred login name would be three letters (your name initials, for example "RCO") and the suffic "_OBS", in your "RCO_OBS".

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Welcome to the network, Ruben!

As a pilot, you can log in with a normal callsign at a gate on an airport and listen in. You don't have to have a special callsign. 🙂

Check active airports by going to this link.


Also, I would advise you to check out the VATSIM Pilot Resource Centre for a lot of guides to get started, or if you are more of a video person, I can suggest you look up AviationPro's VATSIM Tutorials on Youtube.
Additionally, you should have a read through our rules, called the VATSIM Code of Conduct to make sure you aren't violating any rules that you don't know about. 🙂

Have a great time on the network!

Mats Edvin Aarø
General Manager - Member Engagement
Supervisor Team Lead: Team 4
[email protected]

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