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I'm new to VATSIM, and I hope to to start flying online soon. I wanted to install some mod scenery for XPlane, but I know that discrepancies between different peoples' scenery can cause planes to appear to be in the air, in the wrong place, etc.

Will it cause problems if I add scenery mods? I assume it could mess up the controllers as well.


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37 minutes ago, Nicholas Barnsdale said:

... that discrepancies between different peoples' scenery can cause planes to appear to be in the air, in the wrong place, etc....

That's exactly the point.
But the chance of wrong positions with default sceneries is higher than with AddOn sceneries. Especially taxiways, parking positions, runways etc. may have changed over time, so that they do not match the current charts. 
In this case you may find it difficult to follow the instructions given by the controllers.

I usually check the existing scenery, compare it with the charts and if it doesn't fit, I look for updates.

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The fact that different pilots have different scenery versions is an inevitable fact of life on VATSIM, and controllers are usually semi-aware of the major changes that have occurred at their facilities since FSX was published -- or, become aware over time as they work traffic and encounter discrepancies.  In short, as long as what you're installing is a reasonable attempt at a faithful rendition of the airport it represents, it should be close enough. 

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In general the base scenery of X-Plane 11 is quite nice and accurate, because for most airports it is being developed and maintained by the users of X-Plane, everyone can contribute! They will still be checked by X-Plane staff, so we don't get scenery packages that are completely off the real world, though.

You can always check X-Plane's Scenery Gateway for the latest status of scenery before you fly to or from an airfield: https://gateway.x-plane.com/airports/page

You'll find a lot of really good freeware scenery packages at the ".org"-website: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/category/80-scenery-packages-v11v-10-v9/
The level of detail and love that some designers have put in these sceneries is remarkable. There's a handful number of freeware developers who make almost payware-level airports! One of them is "tdg", you see a list of his creations HERE and then check out the screenshots.

Please also note that for many addon sceneries "object libraries" are required. If you haven't done so, go through this list of libraries, download and install them. It's a bit cumbersome, but when you are done, you are done.

If you happen to download scenery mods and you would like to contain static aircraft from them you can do this by using X-Plane's World Editor WED and the OverlayEditor (always works, should WED fail to produce good results).

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