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Moving Plug-ins list entries results in multiple errors and a freeze of ES when closing the application

Jonas Kuster

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Following an issue with the plugin vSMR (https://github.com/pierr3/vSMR/issues/55), I investigated into the plug-ins section of the latest release r24. It looks like the plugin manager of ES is broken and causing different (combinations of) plugins to result in a freeze of ES when trying to close the application. It has been observed that this freeze happens depending on various factors, such as the number of plugins, the plugins used, and their order. However, no common settings have been found to reproduce the same error on machines of different users. The errors are mostly reproducable on a single machine, but the number and the actual plugins used seem to have an influence as well.

I did some testing in the plugins section therefore and found various behaviour that is strange. I don't know to what extent this is connected to the freeze issue with plugins we observe. However, I think there are also some corrections required in ES itself. Whether the plugins contain an issue as well can only be checked once a ES version with a stable plugin manager is available.

@Gergely Csernak 904331 I observed the following specifically when multiple plugins are loaded:

  • the first entry cannot be moved down, an error message is displayed and the entries are not changed
  • the second entry cannot be moved up, however no error message is displayed
  • when attempting to move the second entry down, it is displayed at the first position and the second position is showing the same as the third entry, another click on "down" reverts this all again (min 3 entries required)
  • when attempting to move the third entry down, it is displayed at the second position and the third position is showing the same as the fourth entry, another click on "down" reverts this all again (min 4 entries required)

I have attached a video for demonstration purposes. Thank you for having a look into it!


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Jonas Kuster Leader Operation - vACC Switzerland | www.vacc.ch

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Jup, exactly the same problem here, crashes on exit, in my case even without trying to move the items up or down. Just did a fresh install of ES to make sure nothing was wrong with my installation and installed the vc_redist as described in the changelogs.
Hope this can be looked at 🙂

EuroScope VATSIM Radar Client v3.2a(r24)
plugins loaded: 5


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