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vATIS version now available

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Version of vATIS is now available for download from the web site, or via the automatic update utility built into the ATIS client.

The following items were fixed in this version:

  • Fix error when recording a voice ATIS ("VOICE_ATIS.wav is being used by another process...")
  • Fix unhandled exception when a METAR contains variable gusting wind (e.g. VRB06G20KT)
  • Fix issue with gusting winds not showing correctly in the status bar


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Controller (C3), Los Angeles ARTCC
Developer: xPilot, vATIS

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Feature request(or fix? ) 

The ATIS detail line has the raw metar. (Example  21009  A3000)  The Voice atis was correctly reporting the winds as [email protected] ( 10degree magvar correction)  However  the top summay line has 21009 A3000(directly from the metar).  So the controller still has to do the mental  magvar subtraction ( or addition). This is not a big deal, but since this is a summary line, it would be nice if it also applied the magvar correction and showed the Magnetic wind direction  to coincide with the vox.


Thoughs ?


Bruce Carson    ZLA_CN

Controller, Los Angeles ARTCC

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