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Hello to 1,905 members of Africa/Middle East region of Vatsim (VATAME) and best wishes for the Ramadan and the new Jewish year and holidays!. This NOTAM will give you a heads up on some important information regarding our region, as well as some general info about news in the Vatsim network.


1. New structure of VATAME: seeing the developments in our region, we've established some new divisions and vACCs. Since we have many new members, we will take this opportunity to explain a bit about the regional structure.

Vatsim is built on 7 regions, which are the known continents (Europe, N. America, S. America, C. America/Caribbean, Oceania, Asia and our Africa/Middle East).

You choose your region when first joining vatsim and can request a region change later (here - http://cert.vatsim.net/vatsimnet/regch.php takes a few days to process).


Every region has a few divisions in it: for example Europe region is built from 3 divisions: UK, Russia and the rest of Europe. Within the divisions we have the smallest unit, a vACC (Virtual ACC) which is usually a country. Understanding this, here is our new structure:

Under VATAME region we have divisions: VATNAF (North Africa), VATSAF (South Africa), VATCAF (Central Africa), VATGULF (Persian Gulf) and VATIL (Israel). Note the VATNAF is extended north to include Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.


We also have some active vACCs, all under VATNAF: Morocco/Algiers, Egypt and Lebanon.


So if a member wishes to join the Egyptian vACC, he will choose Africa/Mid East, then VATNAF division and the Egypt vACC. If a member wishes to join South Africa, He will choose VATAME and then VATSAF division, leaving the vACC blank.


2. FSINN 1.2 Beta is out: The new version of this great piece of software is out and can be downloaded here http://www.mcdu.com/en/download.php . FSINN 1.2 as well as SB are planned support Flight Simulator X when it's out, so no worries! (FSINN1.2 already works with FSX Beta). More good news, this time for our airport controllers: The new version of VRC has a feature of "virtual tower". It will connect to FS and will show you a tower view through the simulator – as real as it gets! Stay tuned for release!


3. Regional News


a. Morocco/Algiers vACC: a warm welcome to our new vACC, combining Morocco and Algiers, under VATNAF. A wealth of information is available in the vACC's website, here - http://www.vacc-morocco.org/northern_africa.html . A special recommendation should go to the VATAME tour, planned by deputy director Mr. Michel Megel. This is a wonderful opportunity to fly the region with all the information you need! Just click "VATAME tour" on the vACC's website for details!

Also, with the help of Mr. Michal Rok, Morocco/Algiers has 635 routes departing from Algeria, 1174 routes departing from Morocco, 617 routes arriving to Algerian airports and 858 routes arriving to Moroccan airports – all in EUROUTE, here: http://www.euroutepro.com. Last word from the vACC: Morocco/Algiers is constantly recruiting and is striving for more ATC. Contact the team for more info!


b. Lebanon vACC: Finally we have Lebanon as an active vACC under VATNAF. All the info you need is in the vACC's website here - http://www.vatleb.com/index.php . Lebanon is in the process of writing all the procedures, including real world SOP for Beirut, so stay tuned!

The Lebanese vACC is also recruiting so if you are interested in helping them out, please contact vACC director, Mr. Mouin El Khechen through the website.


c. Egypt vACC: After a few months of low activity due to real life commitments, Egypt comes back and this time as a real vACC under VATNAF. vACC director, Mr. Ali Abou-Zeid plans a big welcome back event soon after the Ramadan. Egypt is hiring new staff members to help the vACC grow, as well as new controllers and pilots! Visit Egypt at http://www.egypt-vacc.org


d. VATSAF division: Since our last NOTAM, VATSAF has greatly expanded and improved. VATSAF now has 344 active members – great job! The division is now ran by director Mr. Fred Mac Donald, After the leave of Mr. Wayne Higgins, VATSAF initiator who is away on a real life duty. I wish to warmly thank Mr. Higgins for his dedicated continuous work, and we look forward to seeing you back!

I will now bring VATSAF news in the words of the director:

1 Year Celebrations: We are planning a BIG fly-in/event for our first anniversary on the weekend of the 4-5 November. The tentative schedule for the event will be 10 hours both days, from 1100Z to 2100Z. We anticipate at least 3 airports to be staffed:


Port Elizabeth: TWR, APP/DEP, FACT_CTR



The idea would be to have at least FAJS staffed up to CTR level to cater for long haul fly-ins from Europe and the Americas.

On Sunday we will then try and man as many positions and airfields around the country as possible.

The latest charts are available and we are working on releasing the latest SID/STAR's in FSNav format.

We will also have suggested flight plans downloadable from VATSAF


Further News

We are working on establishing a weekly on-line day where as many ATC positions across the country will be staffed as possible.


Interesting development for South African Members: We are in the process of affiliating with "The Virtual Aviation Society of South Africa" That will allow our members to be rated as pilots and earn their wings.

The [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociation of Virtual Aviation (AVA) which in turn is recognised by the Aeroclub of South Africa as a fully accredited aviation chapter. AVA lays down strategic policy and doctrine that regulates and controls the formal operation of virtual aviation in South Africa as a sport and recreation. One very important element of recognition is Virtual Aircrew Licensing (Virtual PPL etc) which is designated through the Aeroclub to AVA.

The strategic approach adopted by AVA is to ensure that a sound platform is laid for the smooth facilitation of virtual flight operations i.e. aircrew licensing and competition sport. A very small fee secures membership to the [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociation. In so doing one can pursue virtual aviation as a sport and even some day be considered to represent South Africa in international events, for which Protea Colours can be bestowed.

At the moment the Real World State President's Race is also flown by Virtual Pilots and the winners earn their Protea Colours (South African National Colours).

More info at http://www.vatsaf.net


e. Vatil division: A new scenery for LLBG is made by the wonderful maker, Mr. David Rosenfeld. The freeware scenery is still is on a closed beta, and is one of the most beautiful and detailed sceneries you will meet!

The ongoing cooperation with El-Al airlines still runs beautifully and continues to set new standards for virtual aviators. Some of the fruits this cooperation yields are private tours for Vatil members in El-Al facilities, and a formal authorization to Vatil members to sit in the cockpit when flying El-Al airlines.

Speaking of El-Al, the virtual El-Al (www.elalva.co.il) is active, recruiting and planning an online event soon. Visit the company's website for details.

Last but not least, Vatil's flight school continue to flourish with course nu,ber 5 having 30 attendants!. The school is always recruiting new trainers, and can be reached at http://www.ifschool.net.


f. VATGULF division: The GULF_FSS upper region control is available on request for events flying through the Persian gulf area. Contact VATAME staff for more details. You may also see some new activity in countries of the region, such as Iran and Saudi-Arabia – We hope to bring you more good news in the near future.


Finally, I would like to remind you of the VATSIM Pilot Resource Center: The PRC now contains charts for many airports around the world - worth a visit! New pilots, do

not forget that the VATSIM PRC is *for you* and it contains all the information you may need to start in VATSIM. Visit http://vatsim.net/prc to access this rich database of information you need.


As always, we would appreciate all the help we can get. If you feel you have the time to contribute, please contact Either Shadi or Ilan through VATAME website, http://www.vatame.net .


We are at your service if you need anything. Happy flying and controlling!


Ilan Jonas, VATAME1

Shadi Abo Ahmad, VATAME2

Edited by Guest

Ilan Jonas

Senior Instructor-I3

Former Vatsim Africa/Middle East Region Director(2004-2012)


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Ilan, your region has really been busy and congratulations on all that you and your team have achieved. Good luck with the anniversary flyin on November 4 and 5 and the World Flight Group will look forward to p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing through their airspace on November 9 and 10. We can promise at least 6 fixed based sims with another 10-12 support pilots flying along with us.

Terry Scanlan


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