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Iron Mic and Anti-competitive actions

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This week (Iron Mic Week 17) for the first time that I can remember, the VP Supervisors has been kept busy dealing with some extremely disappointing behaviour between two of the competitors.


While I am not going to name and shame, I was VERY close to disqualifying both facilities from this week's competition, but as it made no difference to the final results, I have not. The results have spoken volumes that being petty is not worth the grief.


Everyone; this is a fun competition that is all about encouraging ATC online, for which I, and the other members of the Board of Governors, support and encourage 100%, as we don't get nearly enough controllers online to support our pilots. Pilots are the winners when we have ATC online because having ATC and aircraft interact is the reason that we all join the Network.


With the impact of COVID-19, everyone in the world is in strange, uncharted territory at present and VATSIM is no different. We have more members at home and therefore more members connecting than ever before. We see daily connection levels we most often see during significant events, and this is a fantastic testament to the place that VATSIM plays in our members' lives. The downside though is that many have too much time on our hands, and we see the sort of behaviour that Tim has been dealing with this week.


Please, remember to be kind to one another and have some fun. Do your best to compete and get the ATC hours on the board and see then wait to hear the results. Please don't treat another facility poorly and consider everything you do.


Just be nice! I ask nothing more. 😀

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Mark Richards (811451)

Auckland, New Zealand



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Hi Mark

While I agree with the no naming and shaming, would it be out of the question to describe what kinds of actions required Sups to take action? Are we talking about a sustained unattended connection effort, or was it something else?

If it's not something you believe is worth sharing, I totally understand. I'm just curious 🙂

Javier Larroulet (C3) - Chile vACC


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Thanks for sharing your thoughts about petty behavior. This is something that I have seen in the various online communities I have been a part of since I began the flight sim hobby as a kid. It doesn't serve a purpose and only degrades the experience of everyone involved!

Thanks again,


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