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can't hear ATIS on Xsqwaukbox 2.0

Maciej Fiedosiejew

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5 hours ago, Robin Meads said:

Hmmm I lost ATIS on voice from 2 days ago. Have had no text ATIS since AFV was integrated into xsquawkbox (using x-plane 11)

It's still there, but you need to explicitly request it (.atis <CALLSIGN>).

The automatic display of the ATIS was a direct side-effect of the old voice system - the voice room information was side-channeled with the ATIS, so we got both at once, and so we just displayed the text ATIS.

In AFV, there is no hard requirement to perform that query anymore, so XSB2.x doesn't unless you explicitly ask for it using the .atis command.


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