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Australian ATC

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Hi Nick,


We do have a strong contingent of Australian ATC; it depends when you're looking for them and what you are using to check if they are online.


The best time is during the evenings, generally from 7.30pm (EST) onwards, once people are home from work & school and have had dinner/done their homework/put the kids to bed, etc. Tuesday night is one of our regular event nights, so you're guaranteed to see some ATC online then. Day times are pretty quiet, although it can get busy on weekends.


The best way to find ATC online is to use ServInfo. You will also need to download the VATPAC data update to ensure the ATC positions display correctly.


Additionally, if you haven't already done so, I'd encourage to join our discussion forums at www.vatpac.org. These form the heart of VATPAC's community and you can easily keep tabs on events, unofficial flyins, and even ATCers letting others know that they'll be online at a certain place & time.






Director - Training


Andrew Carr

Director, ATC Training


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