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X-Plane allways old Iberia livery.

Juan Perez

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Hi sirs.

I´m using your Swift client but I have a problem and after reviewed videos and tutorials cant find a solution.

I have installed two folders with the Bluebell in one and the X-Csl models in other, totally more than 6000 models.. I dont receive any alerts or messages of malfunction and every works like a charm viewing a lot of different liveries and plane models running with airlines that I didn't even know exist looool.

But all the Iberia traffics are showed with the old Iberia livery and I dont know how tell Swift priorice the modern livery, and I sure with this quantity of models I have the planes with the new livery.

This is the modern livery

IBERIA Airlines B737-800 XP11 Default - Aircraft Skins - Liveries ...

And this the old:



If you need some added data from me please ask for it.


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Hello Juan,

what you can do is start swiftDATA (Mapping Tool) and proceed to your "Active Model Set". There open the filter-menu (STRG-F) and type in "IBE" as airline code on the right side of the filter menu. You will now see all aircraft that are mapped as "IBE" in your active model set. You can now use your file explorer and graphics program to find out what aircraft has what version of the IBE-livery. Now go back to swiftDATA and remove the ones that have the old livery (right mouse click ==> "remove selected rows"). When you are done, clear the filter (right mouse click ==> remove filter) and finally choose "save XPlane" on the right side. Your Active Model Set is now up to date without any old IBE-liveries.

If you need more information about how you work with the Mapping Tool, check out our tutorial video:


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