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I am trying to get back at flying online and I have tried all clients, good old XSB, and the new swift and xPilot for X-Plane 11. No matter what I do or where/how I install CSL packages, there's no way any of those would show me any traffic.

I've been sitting at Gatwick for a while, nothing.

I've enabled AI aircraft and unchecked "runway follows terrain contours". Also, XCSL and BB CSL have been "converted" with that python script, and I have appiled the IVAO elevation patch to the BB packages, no joy.

Can't attach a log file... funny.

Running 11.50b6 on Vulkan.

EDIT: I'm starting to think that vulkan might be the issue...

Any idea?

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In the lastest update for xPilot you actually need to go into the X-Plane menu, Plugins, xPilot, Settings, and specify the folders where your CSLs are located.

xPilot works only with X-Plane 11.41 and earlier.  (It MAY also work with 11.5 in OpenGL mode.)  xPilot 1.3+ should work with X-Plane 11,50+ in either OpenGL or Vulkan modes.




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30 minutes ago, Raimondo Spasiano said:

So XSB DOES NOT work with Vullkan. The only client I've found that works is xPilot (the Alpha branch). the old (1.3.0?) Alpha version used to be quite unstable but the new 1.3.10 Alpha seems to be ok.

XSB states it on their website that it will not support Vulkan (or any X-Plane experimental features that are in Beta) until XSB v3 is released. See the post here.

Tom Szczypinski
VATSIM Primary Operations Inspector
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