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Hey guys and girls,

 I am a controller down at Memphis on Vatsim. Recently i bought a new headset the Corsair HS50(wired). My mic is calibrated on my PC. Fellow controllers on Teamspeak can hear me just fine. When i hop on VRC, I connect, and the go to AFV Client and connect there. Everything connects fine. When i key up on frequency it just sounds HORRIBLE. When i go to the old VRC audio, i try to calibrate my mic just to see if it is an AFV issue and it still souns terrible there. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both VRC and AFV. I am using VRC Version 1.2.6 and AFV Version 1.8.1. I have also tried to use euroscope still however, no luck at all. Below will be my AFV settings for my mic. If you can help, please do! Thanks everyone! 


Screenshot (1).png

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So your that guy that was on there in Memphis the other night telling all of us pilots we were either over-modulated, under-modulated, etc. etc. And here all along it was your poor choice of equipment. 😄

Obviously I'm kidding. 

Trying to think of what if anything would cause interference on one platform and not the other. Reason being, if it was a hardware issue, I would assume you would see it over both (Teamspeak). I'm currently at a loss. I jumped on here not so much as to tease, rather help with a solution as I have had my sound issues over the years as well. One thing does jump out. Do you by chance have a secondary sound card installed on same computer interfaced by USB???




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