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Got a question about the "Route Description" section on page 230 and page 231 of the Euroscope User's Manual v3.2.1.20.

I am running several Sim sessions with my students. I have found that the ability to pre-define a route has been immensely helpful in managing all the aircraft from the instructor side. Especially with long and complicated SIDs/STARs and even some RNAV approaches.

However, I am noticed an issue that I need some clarification on, in regards to the routing description section: I have defined an entire star from the entry fix (transition) to the last fix before a possible vector. I have also made use of the altitude restriction with some of the waypoints ( [fix]/[altitude]). This makes the aircraft pass that specific fix at that altitude without the instructor having to manually control the aircraft. The issue, however, that I have noticed is that when there are several waypoints very close to each other on the STAR that each have an altitude restriction, the aircraft will only anticipate and abide by the altitude restriction of the current fix or waypoint that it is currently direct to.

In the example below, the aircraft will cross AMBIL at 15,000', then will proceed direct VEVSI (26 nm), then direct GABRU, and continue...          The altitude restriction in place at AMBIL is followed by the aircraft, but the altitude restriction of 5,200' at GABRU will NOT be followed because the aircraft is only anticipating VEVSI as its next waypoint after AMBIL. In this case, the aircraft crosses AMBIL at 15,000', then stays at 15,000 until crossing VEVSI, then attempts to get down to 5,200' at GABRU in only 2nm (distance from VEVSI to GABRU), which is completely impossible.

Is there a way to correct this so that the aircraft will anticipate altitudes and restrictions in waypoints that it is not currently direct towards, but indeed along its current flight path?

Thank you for the help!

-Karl S.


Karl Sawatzky

Winnipeg Flight Information Region (CZWG FIR)

Senior Instructor (I3)




Twitter: @CZWGFIR

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Just add a level for VEVSI in your route?  I have noticed this issue, but it just means you have to plan the profile in the scenario, just as you would if you were flying the plane

Mike Pike


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